How Hammock Chairs Can Add a Vintage Touch to Your Patio

Patio chairs are elemental world and settlement items in Fallout 4 and its companion Nuka-World. These sturdy and plastic chairs are often used for outdoor sitting around a patio table or in a small restaurant. The ones you find in these are the same kind that you’ll find in most video games as they’re very comfortable to sit on. When you first enter the game, the first thing you will notice are these sturdy wooden chairs which were common place in the Vegas Strip. In this installment of the Fallout series, you will find two more versions of these wooden seating items, one is in the East Staples shopping area and the other is at Camp McCarran.

The basic difference between these two models is the shape of the backrest. On the East Staples model, there is a flimsy material on the backrest while on the West Staples model, there is none. The reason why they are different is simply because the West Staples retail store put their chairs on an elevated platform on top of concrete slabs. The platform was meant to allow the chairs to be easily maneuvered when going from one floor to the next. Because of this, it allowed them to be placed closer to the sidewalk and thus allowing people to move a little faster while shopping. However, the backrest on the chair is still quite flimsy, like the plastic patio chair that we all know and love.

Another difference between these two chairs is the color of the seat covers. The seats on the West Staples models are tan while the ones found at the East Staples are black. This is probably just a cosmetic difference but it does provide a little bit more realism when traveling through the Commonwealth. If you were to go to an actual shopping mall, one would think that the seats on these two chairs would be black but since they are meant to look like the ones in the video games, it doesn’t look quite right. For some reason, people prefer to buy these patio chairs instead of the more realistic dining sets. Of course, the dining sets may be a bit more expensive but then again, they provide a much more authentic look to any patio set.

Now, let’s talk about the backrest of the patio chair. On the West Staples, the backrest has been made out of the same plastic that is used to make the seating itself. This allows for a very sturdy support system that will last for years. On the other hand, the Eastern Hammock Chairs uses traditional rope or chain suspension that will eventually fall apart after only a few uses. The problem with the rope suspension is that it takes quite a few years for the ends to become weak due to constant weight pressure. Another issue with the chain suspension is that it can become damaged by frequent use or even sun exposure.

The other main difference between the two is the material used to manufacture the frame. The Western Hammock Chairs are usually constructed from the more durable and long lasting wrought iron. On the other hand, the Eastern Hammock Chairs is made from the lighter grade of stainless steel. In this case, the frames are usually made of galvanized welded steel or aluminum. However, when the Western patio chair is compared to the Eastern patio chair, the winner is clearly “wrought iron”.

One final detail to take into consideration is the type of seat that you get for your chair. For example, there are a number of styles that feature a slatted seat in which the fabric is allowed to cascade over the entire seat. This type of seat is more comfortable, especially if you have a large group that will be sitting around the table. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more modernistic style, the style that features a flat metal frame to which a fabric is sewn is a great option.

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